Holydubs is one of the avant-garde clubbing key players in Madrid. Since 2009 they explored different music scenes rooted on the UK hardcore continuum.

I defined and redefined their visual identity for nearly ten years, regulary designing posters and merchandise to help them engage its loyal audience.

Photo by RGB Corp

The 2018–2019 season let me explore unusual concepts in the electronic club scene.

We used a classic painting from Goya (El aquelarre, 1798) for the Halloween special as a way to underline their connection to the Madrid city.

For their clash with Draft, another crew from Barcelona, we pictured the mythical confrontation between Hierro and Stoichkov, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona most fierce players. 

The 2017 season layouts were inspired by arquitecture. The typography, color blocks and images are layered to achieve balance and order.

The key visuals from the first seasons were based in the smoke as a metaphor of the music paralleling the sacred, the holy. With a tight budget and inventiveness we shooted images like this one.

Studio photography by Ruben Hidalgo.